Crave Burger

“Passion for Healthy Burgers” The Crave Burger History

Did you now that burgers can be part of a heart-healthy diet?

According to Pennsylvania State University researcher Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD. "Burgers can be part of a heart-healthy diet - The key is portion control -- and the use of lean beef."

The USDA defines "lean" as meat that has less than 10 grams of total saturated fat, and less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol per 100-gram (3-ounce) cooked serving.

"The advantage of choosing 100% pure lean beef burgers is that it is lower in saturated fat, which is beneficial in lowering the risk of coronary heart disease," she says.

CRAVEBurgers are made with 100% PURE
LEAN BEEF BURGERS. No Shortcuts to Quality … everything is made with the freshest ingredients with NO EXTENDERS and always “COOKED TO ORDER” making CRAVEBurger arguably the ONLY Healthy Burger in the market.
Crave Burger Logo

In early 2007, “Crave” was set-up in a 25-sqm space beside the entrance of the Iloilo Business Hotel – right at the heart of the dining destination spot at Smallville, Iloilo City. With an original business model of an ice cream parlor, enthusiastic customers from Manila as well as foreigners that frequented the bustling tourist spot occasionally approached Crave Management suggesting that popular diner joints in the US have burgers and ice cream that go together and thus requested for a spin-off product that would best complement ice cream in a Yin and Yang manner to fully satisfy their cravings.
The Answer? A Healthy Burger with a Personality!

With management’s passion for food and cravings, it was then conceptualized that Crave should have a healthy yet perfectly seasoned stand-alone burger likened to a burger specialty joint in the US.  But it shouldn’t just be any burger, it has to be a “healthy” burger!  At first, Crave Management was all abuzz and excited with the whole idea.  However, realizing that it’s a good opportunity, Crave Management reinvented its burger so that it would describe a little “Pinoy” twist to a completely Americanized concept.

And there, the soon to be “Crave Burger – The Healthy Burger” was first introduced into the market.

As time passed by, burger sales had suddenly sky-rocketed with customers’ customarily acknowledging the burger’s wonderful blend of 100% prime choice imported lean beef and savoury spices to create the perfect “Lasang Pinoy” burger.

By late-2007, Crave Management finally decided to alter what used to be “Crave” by adding another word making it as CRAVEBurger.
The Philosophy, Promise, and Procedure

Since the beginning, CraveBurger’s business philosophy is to simply provide guests with the freshest, first class, healthy and highest quality products (ice cream, burgers, fries, and milkshakes) available in the market and to provide them with friendly service in a sparklingly clean environment. These principles have worked so well over the years that they are still the company’s fundamental philosophy.

CraveBurger’s commitment to quality starts with the burger patties. Every burger patty is made from fresh 100% pure lean beef - free from additives, extenders, and preservation of any kind. The company pays premium to purchase fresh and high quality lean beef chunks and goes through a rigorous Q.A. procedure in order to completely control the patty-making process and be absolutely certain of the quality and freshness of every output.  Since CraveBurger only serves healthy burgers, 100% US Potato fries, and imported house blend drinks, making high quality lean burger patties is everything, but the topmost priority.
Crave Burger
CraveBurger’s commitment to healthy dining doesn’t stop

Special Buns:  CraveBurger Management also approached a well-known buns supplier known in the industry to supply only the best buns in the market – and thus worked out a uniquely proprietary and special process/formulation for the supply of “Crave” buns.

100% PURE Nature’s Spring Water:  Striking an agreement with the country’s largest local water bottling company, CBRFC only serves Nature’s Spring Drinking Water for all it’s non-soda based drinks.

100% US Potatoes:  Crave is affiliated and is a standing member of the US Potato Board thus guaranteeing customers of only serving 100% US potatoes in its menu.

And every lettuce is hand-leafed. The American cheese is the real thing. The company only uses the plumpest and juiciest tomatoes and red onions available in the market.

Every day, all ingredients are delivered fresh to the stores.

And CraveBurger makes every burger one at a time, “cooked-to-order” fresh all the time.
Crave Burger: the Competitive Edge

As a burger joint, Crave Burger’s competitive edge lies in the following:
The Philosophy: Good Burger. Good Place. Good Times.
The Promise: Guaranteed 100% Pure LEAN Beef, Made with the Freshest Ingredients, and always “Cooked-to-Order”.
The Model: Crave Burger stand-by on a business model of simplicity: that capitalizes on a customizable menu catering to every customer’s mood, appetite, and craving; implement creative marketing programs; and nurture efficient operation and production facilities.
The Ingredients: Crave Burger features the freshest, first class, high quality ingredients available in the market on every product we offer.
The Burger: Our “Original” CraveBurger is always served perfectly seasoned and healthy stand-alone pan-fried burgers (150 grams or 1/3 lbs.) made from 100% prime choice imported lean beef.  All our burgers contain less than 10% saturated fat for every 100 grams making us arguably the healthiest burger in town.
The Harmony: Whilst burger is our banner product, we also complement our burgers with traditional mouth-watering 100% US Potato fries (skinny, twister, and wedge), onion rings, boneless chicken wings (classic and hot), house blend tea, lemonade and juices using only 100% Pure Nature’s Spring Water , milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) and quite recently, with premium yet highly affordable On What Grounds Brewed Coffee.  We are also the only restaurant accredited by Goolai Salads, to distribute their farm fresh salads in the market.
The Ambiance: Crave Burger infused modern architecture of fine-dining design with the old-school all-American burger joint concept to promote a comfortable ambiance, where family, friends, and colleagues can take a timeout and relax.
The Structure: As the main ingredient to our success, Crave Burger trains all employees to work in a culture of integrity and humility, fun and family-like that stands-by on a promise of promoting a sparkling clean environment and superior customer service.
The Heart: After all is said and done, Crave Burger’s success is looked upon by sharing our blessings to our employees, legitimate charitable organizations, and activities for a cause.
Capturing the Country through the Stomach

From its humble beginnings of providing a comfortable ambiance, where family, friends, colleagues and clients can relax while enjoying the taste of the perfect “Lasing Pinoy” healthy burger that Crave is known.

By mid-2009, Crave Burger has opened its doors to franchising and has led the way into capturing the rest of the country through the stomach by penetrating Bacolod City and Metro Manila in early 2010.  Barely two (2) years entering Metro Manila, we have added 16 more branches through a network of franchise business partners and corporate owned stores.
Crave Double Burger Moving On Forward...

Crave Burger envisions of being the country’s first and No.1 FRESHLY COOKED PANFRIED HEALTHY GOURMET BURGER PLACE in the Philippine Market by strictly committing itself  to high standards as symbolized by "F.S.C.": Food (F) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; and Cleanliness (C), from kitchen to utensils in order to preserve the atmosphere of enthusiasm for serving customers the freshest quality products that can be seen all the way from the many store locations to the office associates.

Soon, CRAVEBurger shall have vegan diet meals and shall get the endorsement of the Philippine Heart Association for offering lean, healthy burgers whilst being certified “Halal” free as well.